Domains Management

Bringing in domains to the infrastructure manager

The Domain Library

The domain library lives at /shepherd/domains/. The library is where users can view the current status of each domain and checkout a domain for a project.

The Domain Library

Checking Out a Domain

Any Available domain in the library can be checked out for a project. Click the calendar icon in the Checkout column to bring up the check-out form.

The Checkout Form

Each checkout requires selecting a client and a project. Select the client first to load the list of projects for that client.

Then click the Start Date and End Date fields to open the datepicker and select your checkout window.

The final step is filling in your usage information. Domains can be checked out for activities such as Phishing and Command and Control.

Adding Domains

Domains can be added to the library one at a time or loaded en masse from a csv file.

Add One Domain
Upload Domains
Add One Domain

To add just one domain name to the library, click the Domain Library tab on the menu bar and Add New Domain. This opens the domain form for documenting and submitting a single domain name.

You may not know the latest health information for the domain. You can set the domain to Healthy as a default value and leave categories blank.

New Domain Form
Upload Domains

To bulk add domains to the library, click the Domain Library tab on the menu bar and Upload Bulk Domains. This opens the upload form for your domain csv file. The csv file must have these headers:

name, registrar, health_status, health_dns, dns_record, whois, creation, expiration, all_cat, ibm_xforce_cat, talos_cat, bluecoat_cat, fortiguard_cat, opendns_cat, trendmicro_cat, mx_toolbox_status, note

The categories and note fields can be left blank if you do not have the data available.

If a domain name already exists in the library, the import will update the existing record instead of discarding the data or duplicating the entry.

The DomainCheck tool outputs a csv in this format if you want to preload health statuses with your domains. You may then optionally add the note column.