Server Management

Bringing in servers to the infrastructure manager

The Server Library

The server library lives at /shepherd/servers/. The library is where users can view the current status of each server and checkout a server for a project.

The Server Library

Types of Servers

The infrastructure manager tracks static servers and transient servers.

The server library tracks servers in the StaticServer model. These static servers are intended to be servers you own, such as your command control teamservers.

The TransientServer model tracks transient servers, the various cloud servers/virtual private servers that come and go during assessments. These servers are added to specific projects from the project details page using the Add a Transient Server button.

Adding a Transient Server to a Project

Checking Out a Server

‌Any Available server in the library can be checked out for a project. Click the calendar icon in the Checkout column to bring up the check-out form.​

The Checkout Form

‌Each checkout requires selecting a client and a project. Select the client first to load the list of projects for that client.‌

Then click the Start Date and End Date fields to open the datepicker and select your checkout window.‌

The final step is filling in your usage information. Domains can be checked out for activities such as Phishing and Command and Control.

Adding Servers

Servers can be added to the library one at a time or loaded en masse from a csv file.

Add One Server
Upload Servers
Add One Server

To add just one server to the library, click the Server Library tab on the menu bar and Add New Server. This opens the server form for documenting and submitting a single server.

Individual Server Form
Upload Servers

To bulk add servers to the library, click the Server Library tab on the menu bar and Upload Bulk Servers. This opens the upload form for your server csv file. The csv file must have these headers:









The note field can be left blank or used to include notes for your server.

If a server already exists in the library, the import will update the existing record instead of discarding the data or duplicating the entry.

Add Server Providers

The infrastructure manager is seeded with a handful of popular server providers:

  • Linode

  • Rackspace

  • Digital Ocean

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Google Compute Engine

If your server provider is not pre-populated, new providers can be added via the Django admin panel, /admin/shepherd/serverprovider/.