Configuring Cloud Services

Enabling cloud service APIs

Ghostwriter can track cloud resources used for projects. If you provide access tokens for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Ocean (DO), Ghostwriter has a task that will collect all running server instances and check if any of them are attached to a completed project.

The task will report back with JSON detailing your active (powered-on) cloud servers. If you have Slack enabled, Ghostwriter will send notifications to let you know if an active cloud server is not tracked as part of a project or is tracked as part of a project that has ended.

Ignoring Specific Assets

You may spin-up cloud servers on the same account that you do not want monitored. You can tag these servers with an "ignore tag" of your choosing. Provide a comma-separated list of tags for Ghostwriter to ignore when checking cloud assets.

Cloud Services Configuration

This task is under development to support monitoring Microsoft Azure and additional AWS resources (S3 buckets, Elastic IPs).